New Community Builders is an e-course for individuals interested in community building, culture, and collaboration.

In this program, participants learn the fundamentals of community building: from defining purpose and governance to inclusive community design to marketing and engagement strategies and more!

This program is ideal for emerging community builders 15 years old and older, based in North America. 


New Community Builders is a hybrid e-course. A blend of self-guided and cohort-based, our team works to create a custom learning pathway for every participant's needs and schedule.

This program includes workshops, guest speaker sessions and independent activities along with opportunities to tap into the wisdom of 2SWIM's extended community of professionals working in fields such as technology, art, community organizing.

Community Planning

Activities include:

  • Reflecting on your purpose and personal vision for the world, and how this translates into community building

  • Learning about the elements needed to set the foundation for an impactful community

  • Developing concrete plans for creating your community

Inclusive Design

Activities include:

  • Learning about how diversity and inclusion are inherent in community building

  • Exploring how intersectionality impacts why and for whom communities are built for

  • Becoming more aware of how to take care of yourself to be a better leader

Marketing + Strategy

Activities include:

  • Creating and executing on a communications and marketing plan for a community

  • Developing materials to encourage conversation among members

  • Learning how to creatively communicate ideas to grow connections

Influence for Good

Activities include:

  • Exploring the role that deep and active listening play to create avenues for empathy.

  • Unpacking the questions: What does influence mean in today’s digital world? When should we step up or step back?

New Connections

All participants will be able to connect with each other and the extended 2SWIM network through live webinars and workshops.

Youth and young adults in the program will also receive 1:1 matching with mentors.

New Skills

By the end of the program you will:

  • Create and launch your own community

  • Develop marketing and community engagement strategies that can be used to demonstrate new skills

  • Be able to articulate your personal values

  • Hone your communication, leadership and digital literacy skills


“The program has definitely helped me...[be] intentional about designing communities for inclusion...I'm starting to think about community as a living, growing being as opposed to something that is static.”

“My favourite part of [the program] was being able to meet new people across North America, I love having deep and daring conversations, especially with other youth.”

“Being a part of this program was the best decision of my summer.”


New Community Builders is available for three age cohorts.

Youth (15-19 years old) 

Young adults (20-25 years old)

Professionals (26+) 

New Community Builders is free for youth and young adults thanks to our generous sponsors.

There is a sliding scale in place for professionals, and community support available for those who need it.


2SWIM offered New Community Builders in the summer of 2020 and program participants saw incredible results.

Take a look at our impact report.


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